Escaped Ads New Hampshire

Check out researcher Laurel Schlegel's work on escaped advertisements in the New Hampshire Sentinel from 1800-1815 at Escaped Ads New Hampshire

About the project: 

The Escaped Ads New Hampshire Project uses digitized copies of the New Hampshire Sentinel, collecting an expansive data set on “escape” in early nineteenth century New Hampshire as described in advertisements published in the New Hampshire Sentinel from 1800 to 1815.

This project hopes to create a people-first database to understand the agency and liberation of people in New Hampshire and the greater Northeast as part of the larger Recovering Black History in Keene project. The archive is filled with the names of the newspaper “subscribers”: people with the means to purchase a weekly newspaper subscription and in a position of power that allowed them to view a person as having run away from them. Recording the names of individuals whose lives and stories have historically been less privileged in the archive adds to the historical record of New Hampshire in a small but meaningful way. The ads in the Escaped Ads New Hampshire database share stories of resistance- stories that deserve to be highlighted and further understood.


Escaped Ads about Keene:


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